Alura Jenson


Video Description:
Incredibly busty MILF Alura Jenson had stopped by her man’s office for lunch, but he was in a meeting and couldn’t see her. When she got home, she got on her phone and did a video chat with him where she dared him to watch her put on a sexy show while he was at his desk. If he came during the show, he was on his own that night. If he could hold out, she would swallow his cum when he got home. Her dress was tiny and only took a moment to strip off. Once her panties hit the floor, she spread her legs and started rubbing her shaved pussy. As she ran her hands all over her body, squeezing her huge tits, she talked very dirty to him, telling him what she wanted to do to him. As the talk got hotter and hotter, she rubbed her pussy harder and harder then she dropped to her knees and sprayed herself down as if he had just shot his wad all over her. He held out, now she is going to put out!



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