Angel Princess

Video Description:
Angel Princess lives up to her name when she slips the tight, short nightie she slept in off and climbs into the tub. Before she gets the water going, she sits on the edge of the tub and rubs her pink, shaved pussy. Her big tits have hard nipples as she makes herself comfortable in the nice, warm bubble bath and eases two fingers into her pussy. Desperate to cum, the babe works her skilled fingers faster and faster focusing her attention on her tender, swollen clit. With her back arched and one leg hanging out the tub, she hit that magic spot and came so hard the water in the tub had waves then the busty, brunette beauty laid back and let the water wash over her big tits as she relaxed her body and just soaked in the post orgasm bliss as she enjoyed the feel of the warm water and sensual bubbles against her skin.


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