Arietta Adams

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Teen babe Arietta Adams is a red headed cutie who badly wants to be a pornstar so she had a friend hold the camera while she put on a sexy show. Arietta loves sex and wants a job where she can fuck all day every day. With a big smile on her face she wiggled out of her skin tight jeans then pulled her top off to free her perky, small tits. She teased her nipples and squeezed her tits before slipping off her panties. Getting comfortable in her favorite chair, she spread her legs and rubbed her pussy then slid a finger inside herself, finger fucking that wet pussy until her hips started to grind and she started to moan. This babe wasn’t lying, she loves to fuck. She made herself cum twice in two different positions. While on her hands and knees, she came so hard she queefed then she rolled back over onto her back and continued to finger and rub that pussy until she came one more time. As the orgasm subsided, she licked her fingers clean and giggled.


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