Cindy Shine


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When Cindy Shine checked into the rental, her landlord couldn’t keep his eyes off her tight body wrapped in a short skirt and crop top. As soon as he left the room she stripped down to her bra and panties only to be surprised when he came back in with some paperwork for her to sign. She was more interested in kissing him than signing documents and he didn’t put up any fight when she laid him down on the bed, pulled his cock out, and gave him some spectacular head. Cindy might have been traveling for work, but she still needed cock so she shed her bra and panties so he could eat her bald, tight pussy then she got on all fours and backed up onto that dick, taking him deep inside her wet pussy. They rolled around on the bed, fucking in a few different positions with her ending up on top, taking every inch of that thick cock so deep it made her cum and left her gasping for breath.



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