Izzy Bell


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Adorable college girl Izzy Bell wanted to get more followers on her Instagram and Twitter so she decided if she did something a little sexy, people might take more interest. The fit, hot brunette had a shy smile on her pretty face when she took her tank top off and showed her nice abs and perky tits. Slipping her jean skirt down, she then eased her way out of her panties, flashing her ass and lower back dimples. Completely naked, she sat down on the couch, spread her legs, and teased her trimmed pussy. Rubbing her clit felt so good her pussy started to cream so she rolled over onto her knees, reached back, and fingered her pussy from behind. With one hand pressed against her pussy and the other rubbing her clit so fast she could nearly start a fire with the friction, she came so hard her chest heaved as she gasped for breath and her toes curled. If that didn’t get her more followers, nothing would.

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