Izzy Bell

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Petite cutie Izzy Bell is a bit of a hippie chick. When her best friend sent her a cool looking tie-dye vibrator, she knew right away she had to give it a shot. Setting the toy aside for a moment, the fit hottie peeled her shirt off showing her small, perky tits and impressive abs then she slid out of her jean shorts and panties. Running her hands all over her fit, amazing body, she could feel her trimmed pussy getting wet. Izzy started things off with her fingers, laying face down on the bed so she could reach around and rub that pussy from behind. It was time to give the toy a test drive, so Izzy got it nice and wet with her spit then eased it into her tight pussy. She switched between fucking herself with the toy and pressing it against her clit. Face down, ass up on the bed, she pressed it hard against her clit and came so hard her toes curled. This new toy was exactly her style!

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