Kiarra Navahoe

Video Description:
Kiarra Navahoe had been having a bad day. She met up with a guy she’d talked to on a dating site only to find out he looked nothing like his pictures. That annoyed the hell out of her, but it also left her home, alone, horny as hell. After calling a friend of hers and complaining, she stripped off her clothes and showed off her fine, tight body. On all fours, she reached back and finger fucked her tight, shaved pussy from behind. Her fingers felt amazing but she needed a little more than that so she got out her Hitachi Magic Wand, laid back on the bed, and eased two fingers into her wet pussy while pressing the vibrator against her clit. As the vibrator massaged her clit, she moved her free hand to her small, perky tits and played with her pierced nipples. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold out very long so she got in her favorite position, grabbed her ass with her free hand, and came her brains out all over the vibrator. The date had sucked but the orgasm was great.


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