Liv Wild

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With her grades not looking so good, Liv Wild decided to hire a tutor. When he showed up for their first lesson, the barely legal teen thought he was hot, so she was paying more attention to him than the homework. She got her way when they put the homework down to just “make out” for a little while, but Liv is not a making out kind of girl – she likes to fuck. He stood up so she could take his big cock out and suck it. Blown away by how big his dick was, Liv gobbled it like she was working a piece of corn on the cob, sucking him until he was standing at full attention then it was the tutors time to take this class over. Laying her back, he ate that sweet, shaved pussy before giving her exactly what she wanted when he impaled her on his big cock. She nearly lost her mind riding his dick, cumming her brains out all over him. He rolled her onto her back and pounded her pussy, making her perky tits bounce until he was ready to pop and showered his student’s face, body, and tits with his monster load.


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