Midge Mayor

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When sexy MILF Midge Mayor’s computer broke, tech support sent someone out to her place to fix it. She took him to the bedroom where the computer was located and let him go to work. Watching him work turned this blonde hottie on so while he fixed her computer, she ran her hands all over his body. It didn’t take him long to pick up what she was laying down as she took her robe off and knelt before him in her bra and panties. The chemistry between them was electric as she started kissing him and undressing him. Naked, she wrapped her lips around his big cock, and gave him a fantastic blowjob then she stood up, bent over the counter, and let him fuck her from behind, grabbing her nice ass while he drilled her from behind, making her moan as he drilled into her. The action moved to the bed where he laid her face down and gave her the prone bone. On top, Midge ground her hips into him and came all over the tech support guy’s cock then it was his turn to cum all over her sexy body.

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