Milena – Midge Mayor


Video Description:
Midge Mayor’s friend Milena stopped to check on her because she wasn’t feeling very well. Milena led her back to bed and helped the blonde MILF lay down and get comfortable on the bed. Thinking maybe a massage would help, Milena stripped midge down to her underwear and rubbed her body. Midge leaned up and kissed Milena as she unbuttoned Milena’s dress and stripped her down to her underwear. The mature hotties kissed and teased each other as they got naked then the real fun began as their hands and mouths explored each other’s bodies. Eating pussy and sucking on tits, the two ladies rolled around on the bed moaning, their bodies intertwined as they used their hands and mouths to make each other cum. It turns out all Midge needed to feel better was a good, hard orgasm and some tight, wet pussy.



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