Milena – Private Lessons


Video Description:
Jake had been calling in sick to school and missing his math class because he was too busy banging his hot girlfriend. When his math professor Melina showed up at his place to check on him, he invited her in and tried to make up excuses why he wasn’t in class, telling her he was sick. The blonde, mature teacher wasn’t having it. When she found out he was busy having sex she wanted to see decided she wanted to find out for herself how good he was. Stripping off her clothes, she took his big cock in her mouth and sucked him until she was nice and hard then she laid back on the couch and let him drive that thick tool deep inside her smooth, shaved pussy. He drilled her deep while his girlfriend slept in the next room. Melina took over and got on top, her natural tits bouncing as she rode his hard dick. The lesson came to a sticky end when he fucked her hard, pulled out, and sprayed her down with his hot load. All the while his girlfriend was asleep, not realizing exactly how he was passing his class.



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