Miranda Miller


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We have all likely had annoying, loud neighbors at one time in our life. Miranda Miller lived next to a couple that seemed to fuck day and night. One afternoon she heard them moaning with desire through the wall and it sounded like they were having such a good time it really turned her on. As the neighbors continued to get after it, Miranda took her clothes off, eventually slipping her panties off so she could rub her shaved, pink pussy. Sprawled out on the couch, she rubbed her clit with her skilled fingers and really enjoyed it, but she wanted some more so she upgraded to her vibrator, licked it to get it nice and wet with her spit then she slid it into her pussy and fucked herself with it while she rubbed her pussy with her free hand. She came over and over on the toy, her body shaking. After each orgasm she pulled it out of her pussy and put it into her mouth so she could taste her sweet juices then she put it back in and came again making enough noise for her horny neighbors to hear.

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