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Busty blonde Nathaly Cherie was in her bed wearing only a very sexy lace bodysuit that was see thru and crotchless while she watched a porn video on her phone. The video turned the blonde bombshell on so much she rubbed her pierced nippes while squeezing her big tits, and teasing her shaved pussy. Rolling on to her stomach, she reached back and continued to rub her clit then she eased two fingers into her pussy from behind so she could fuck herself and grind her hips. Desperate to cum, she eased a third finger into her pussy and drilled it fast and hard. Just as she was ready to cum she sat up, spread her legs, and rubbed her clit with such friction she could have started a fire. Her pierced nipples were hard and her pussy was wet as she pressed her hips out and came hard all over her fingers!



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