Nicole Love

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Sexy Nicole Love is a big baker who loves to make cookies, pies, and breads. Her oven went on the fritz so she called a repairman who was able to pretty quickly take care of the problem. She was so happy to have her oven back, she pulled his cock out of his coveralls, dropped to her knees, and sucked his dick right there in the middle of the kitchen. Giving him head really turned her on so the sizzling hot brunette stood back up, pulled her tight dress up, and let him bend her over one of the counters so he could drive his thick, throbbing tool into her wet, tight pussy. Spinning her around, he pulled her top down so he could grab her fantastic tits and laid her out on the counter so he could spear that shaved pussy with long, deep strokes. She came hard on his cock as he fucked her all over the kitchen then she took him to the couch where she took charge, got on top, and rode him. He’s a full service repairman so he fucked her hard and came in her pussy, leaving this horny baker with s sticky creampie.


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