Sarah Cute


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Sarah Cute goes to college and works part time as a maid. While at one of her client’s houses, she finished cleaning his kitchen then really enjoyed the attention he gave her as he checked out how great she looked in her tied up shirt and jean shorts. He made a move, leaning in to kiss her which is exactly what she wanted. The brunette babe pulled him close and kissed him back as they let their hands explore each other’s bodies while stripping off their clothes. Dropping to her knees, she throated his cock until he was throbbing hard then he sat her on the edge of the kitchen counter and drove his hard cock deep inside her tight, shaved pussy. The two fucked like crazy in the kitchen before moving to the bed where they rolled around and fucked in different positions. Her work here was done when she clamped her mouth down on his hard dick and sucked every last drop of cum from him. Now that is a full service maid!



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