Scarlet Sage

Video Description:
Skinny, sexy blonde babe Scarlet Sage was hanging out at this musician’s house and was checking out his guitars and other instruments. She looked smoking hot in her jean shorts and a crop top as she walked around the room trying different things. As she tried a few of them out she found herself getting a little turned on so she slipped her jean shorts off and kicked them aside. Playing with his maracas the petite hottie was so turned on she started teasing her pussy through her panties. Stroking a tribal, wooden flute had her thinking about cock so she slipped the panties off and took her top off, showing off her nice abs, and perky, small tits. Teasing her clit with the flute got her wet so she set it down, sat on a stool, and passionately rubbed her pussy, working her clit with such intensity it didn’t take this barely legal babe long before she was cumming so hard her sexy legs shook and her eyes rolled back.


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