Serena Skye

Video Description:
Serena Skye was so horny when her boyfriend called and told her he had to work late she was angry and so sexually frustrated she decided to start without him. Wiggling out of her tight jeans and shirt to show off her fantastic tits, natural curves, and plump ass, the curvy, exotic hottie moved to the couch where she shed her panties and had fun rubbing and teasing her shaved pussy while using her free hand to tease her nipples. She moved around into a few different positions before settling in on the back of the couch, legs spread. Licking her finger, she got it nice and wet then slid it into her tight, pink pussy. With hard cock on her mind, she writhed around on the couch, rolling into a few different positions while fingering and rubbing her pussy. When she ended up on her back, she slid two fingers into her pussy and came hard on them then she put the fingers in her mouth and licked the sweet juices off. When her man did get home, she was going to ride him into next week!


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