Skylar Valentine


Video Description:
Sometimes when you are horny you just have to make do with what you have around you. Skylar Valentine was in the kitchen looking up some recipes for cookies when she decided she would rather play with her own cookie first. She pulled her shirt up and teased her sensitive, pierced nipples. Pulling her jean shorts down, she grabbed a spatula and used it to spank her round, ripe ass then she slid her panties off and rubbed her shaved pussy with the spatula. Skylar quickly found out the spatula could be a great fuck toy when she climbed up onto the counter and used the flat end to rub her clit before turning it around and using the handle to fuck her dripping wet pussy. When the orgasm hit it was so powerful it nearly knocked her to the floor leaving Skylar laying on the kitchen counter, licking her sweet pussy juices from the cooking utensil. She came in to bake but ended up skipping the baking and cumming hard!



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