Commission Percentage

To keep our systems running we ask for a 15% commission.


You are responsible for your earnings and must declare them to the tax authorities of your country

Get paid

Yes, you have reached your first $500 and want to be paid out. This is very easy. To be paid out, your account must be verified. please login first, click in your profile icon, go to settings and click in 'Verification'. Upload your passport and enter your name and surname. Please describe in the message box that you would like to be ferried for payout. We will handle your request within 3 working days.

How can I delete my account?

Oh no, we hate to see you go!
But is you must delete your account, please first login, click in your profile icon, go to settings and click in 'delete account'. Please enter your password and your account will be deleted. Be aware, you will lose acces to all exclusieve content and any content you may have previously purchased.

What is the maximum upload size

You can upload videos up to 10GB

Payment Gateways

We use Paypal

Paid Videos (Selling Videos)

Paid Videos is a money earning feature, with Paid Videos users can:
•Upload and sell their own videos.

Paid videos can paid by user's wallet

What is Channel Subscription

Channel Subscription System is a monthly subscription feature, with Channel Subscription users can:
• Create a subscription plan for their channels.
• Earn money by new subscribers.