Wanilianna – Toni Lace

Video Description:
Wanilianna was over at her friend Toni Lace’s house complaining about her husband. She was pretty certain that he was cheating on her because he never had sex with her. Toni was comforting her when Wanilianna leaned in and kissed her. Toni was a little uncertain until Wanilianna took Toni’s tits out, rubbed them and sucked on them. The girls kissed and teased each other as they stripped and made their way to the bedroom. Left wearing only their garters and stockings, Wanilianna got on top and ground her pussy into Toni’s pussy while Toni sucked on her tits. The girls spread their legs and scissored, grinding pussies then Toni laid Wanilianna on her back and sucked on her tits while fingering her pussy, causing her to cum so hard her entire body shook. Toni broke out her vibrator so Wanilianna could use it to fuck Toni’s pussy until she came so hard her moans echoed through the house and the cheating husband was long forgotten.

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